Friday, March 20, 2015

Review Creative Connectors Silhouette Floating Wall Shelf, Just right and stylish too

A few days earlier. I'm looking for information on the Creative Connectors Silhouette Floating Wall Shelf (White 14quot), so i would like to describe here.

Creative Connectors Silhouette Floating

The Silhouette shelf features sleek lines and simple design creating a contemporary flare that will complement your dxE9cor. Use it as an accent piece to highlight and display your favorite items. It is installed into drywall using a patented mounting system that hides the installation hardware. The shelf appears to be floating on your wall but is so strong that it will hold .... Read more or Check Price

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Customer Reviews Purchased this product

Perfect This product is easy to clean and looks very nice with the way in which the installation is hidden. by Daniela Emerick

I love this little shelf I saw in a magazine " home organization " and we liked the size. We keep our phones there while charging to keep kitchen counters to watch all ... by R. Miller

These plans have worked well for me but can not be installed against a wall behind the wall to the right. The installation is such that a bar in fixed against the wall and the shelf is attached ... by carol cassidy

Delivery was fast. Very easy to install. And this is the only 14 -inch shelf that is made. "Works great under my tv for center speaker""Funziona alla grande sotto la mia tv per altoparlante centrale""""""it""Works great"1truefalse999020"under my"2truefalse999240"tv"3truefalse974450"for"4truefalse958560"center speaker"5truefalse958680"Funziona alla grande"1"Works great"999truefalse"It works great"0truefalse"Runs great"0truefalse"It runs great"0truefalse"They work great"0truefalse020"Funziona alla grande sotto la mia tv per altoparlante centrale""sotto la mia"2"under my"999truefalse"beneath my"0truefalse"underneath my"0truefalse2133"""tv"3"tv"974truefalse"television"0truefalse"flat"0truefalse"tv and"0truefalse"a TV"0truefalse3436"""per"4"for"958truefalse"to"16truefalse"by"0truefalse"per"0truefalse"on"0truefalse3740"""altoparlante centrale"5"center speaker"958truefalse"central speaker"0truefalse"the center speaker"0truefalse"Centre speaker"0truefalse4162"""Funziona alla grande sotto la mia TV per altoparlante centrale"6"it"66. We like by john leone


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